Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses your service?

Prep and Store Center works with a lot of mid/high volume FBA Sellers. We work with a lot of Amazon sellers who have storage capacity issues. We work with both domestic and international.


How can PSC save me money?

PSC can eliminate unnecessary expenses such as rent for a warehouse/storage /office, packing material, employees, office utilities and gas. Not to mention the discounted FBA labeling and packing fees. This extra capital can be spent on marketing or purchasing inventory.


Can you save me time?

Absolutely! You don’t have to worry about ever handling or packing products again. The only thing you have to do is provide us with the products, labels and pack lists and we’ll do the rest. You’ll have more time to focus on other parts of your business and much need free time to enjoy life!


How do I need what plan is right for me?

When deciding on a plan, think about how frequently you are purchasing products and how much volume you are doing. Each plan is designed to save you money and time. You can always switch your plan at any time.


Is Prep & Store Center insured?

Absolutely! We carry liability and fire insurance.


Does PSC ship anything to Amazon?

As long as it’s permitted by Amazon, we will ship it.


Does PSC accept products from overseas?

Of course!! As long as they are legal and not hazardous we will accept them. They merchant is responsible for all taxes, tariffs or any other expenses getting the products to our warehouse.

As part of our service we package inspection on all packages we receive. Any damaged items we will take a picture of and email over to you immediately. At that point, you should contact your supplier to work out a solution. We always suggest using Amazon preferred shipping vendor (UPS) for all shipments. This way, Amazon will cover any distributor damaged items that were shipped to their fulfillment centers.


Do you accept all clients?

We would like to say yes, but unfortunately, we do not. We currently are not accepting any arbitrage sellers. We also do not provide services for FBA sellers who are selling books.


Who is responsible for returns?

The merchant is responsible for all returns. Removal orders must be shipped back to the merchant. PSC is not responsible for any merchandise received from a removal order. Merchandise received by PSC will be disposed of within 1 week of receipt. A merchant is responsible for coordinating and paying for returned products received by PSC.


How can I cancel my account?

An account can be canceled at any time, and you will no longer be billed for service. Month-by-month memberships, no refunds are provided for the remainder of the billing month in which you choose to cancel. Yearly memberships can be cancelled but there is a cancellation fee of one month’s membership.


Prep & Store Center offers simple and easy FBA Storage Solutions for Amazon Sellers.

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