Prep & Store Center offers FBA prep and storage solutions for Amazon FBA sellers.

Prep & Store Center gives Amazon FBA sellers the power to grow their business while saving time and money. Merchants use our service (FBA Express) to enhance their company’s productivity, while limiting unnecessary business expenses; allowing a business to focus on purchasing, marketing and expansion. We are a Proven and Trusted Partner for Amazon FBA Sellers.

Amazon FBA Storage Solutions

Prep & Store Center’s Simple Storage

The recent storage limitations Amazon implemented impacted most FBA sellers. Many sellers were unable to replenish goods, and many had to remove a substantial amount of their products to keep up their account health. With the constant increase in short term and long-term storage, sellers have been forced to find alternative storage solutions. PSC offers a simple and affordable storage solution for Amazon FBA sellers. We specialize in both short- and long-term storage, as well as carton forwarding.

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We Provide FBA Storage

Avoid Amazon Fees

PSC offers a simple, flat rate storage solution that does not change. We do not increase rates for long term or during Q4 as Amazon does for Amazon’s storage. We charge one rate for our storage, no more calculation, no more surprises. If you want to avoid Amazon short and long term storage fees, please contact us today to set up an account.

Amazon storage fees can seriously impact an FBA seller. Not understanding Amazon’s storage fees can cost a seller thousands of dollars.

Amazon’s sliding fee scale for storing goods can be very confusing, and Amazon can limit sellers’ storage capacity without warning.

FBA Prep & Bundling Services

Amazon requires some products to have specific preparation, so they arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers in the best condition. Amazon may require poly bags or bubbling for specific products. As an Amazon FBA seller it is crucial to understand these guidelines to make sure your products are sent incorrectly. Amazon charges various rates for these services.

PSC’s prep and bundling services offers discounted rates for these services. These discounts can help offset marketing expenses or they can help increase an FBA seller’s overall profitability. A lot of customers utilize our service to save significantly on prep and bundling for their FBA Products.

Prep and Store Center offers every solution to help assist an FBA seller for all their prep and bundling needs. Please check our up to date Bundling rates on our fees page.

Who We Are

Prep & Store Center is an Amazon FBA prep and storage company located in Massachusetts. Prep & Store Center caters to experienced, volume sellers who sell their products through Amazon’s FBA program.

We offer both short and long-term Amazon storage solutions.

PSC is currently not accepting OA (online arbitrage) and online book resellers.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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