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Amazon FBA Storage Solutions

Long Term FBA Storage Solutions

FBA Express understands how frustrating Amazon’s FBA storage pricing structure can be. We decided to make it easy and simple by eliminating cubic square foot and charging a flat fee per pallet. That’s right, no more calculations and wondering what you’re really be charged for FBA storage. No more pallet in and pallet out charges. FBA Express’s, simple, no hassle storage is the perfect solution for cutting long or short term storage costs. We rent spaces out daily and our slots are quickly filling up. Please see our pricing below and sign up today to reserve your spot.

Amazon’s Storage Fee Structure

Inventory Cleanup DatesAffected InventoryLong-term Storage fee (per cubic foot)
February 15 and August 15Items in Fulfillment Centers six to twelve months$11.25
February 15 and August 15Items in Fulfillment Centers twelve months or more$22.50

Amazon Long-term inventory storage fee

On February 15 and August 15 of every year, FBA conducts an inventory cleanup. On these dates, inventory that has been in Amazon fulfillment centers between six and 12 months are assessed a long-term storage fee of $11.25 per cubic foot. Items that have been in fulfillment centers for 12 months or more on the inventory cleanup date are assessed a long-term storage fee of $22.50 per cubic foot.

FBA Express Simple Storage Pricing

$89 Set Up Charge
This reserves and hold your spot

Pricing is per standard pallet 48 x 40 x 72 — Max of 1500 lbs
$15 a week (per pallet)
$5 per box for goods shipped UPS


Amazon charges monthly storage fees, as well as semiannual long-term storage fees. Amazon’s storage is calculated per cubic square foot and varies depending on the time of year. The fees also vary depending on size and weight. FBA Express’s Simple Storage was formed by our clients, who were looking for a simple, cost effective solution for their long term storage issues. Our clients were confused by the formula Amazon was using to calculate the storage fees and fed up with the massive bills they were receiving. As always, when our clients ask; we listen!

We introduced our Simple Storage to our existing clients, and the response was tremendous. We have been able to save our clients over 50% on their long term storage fees. Also, with our payment structure our clients do not have to come out of pocket immediately for the full expense; like they would with Amazon. FBA Express is now offering our Simple Storage to those looking for a fixed, cost effective storage solution for oversized or long term stored FBA inventory. Please contact us today to get started.

Please Note: FBA Express is not a pick and pack company. We do not sort products by SKU’s. We are storage company and will store your goods until your provide us with shipping information. We only ship LTL, as provided by the customer, and will not break down pallets. This is a solution for oversized products, as well as a long term or short term Amazon FBA storage option.

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FBA Simple Storage Testimonial

“I received an email in January from Amazon that I would be charged $14,377 on 2/15/17. I reached out to Brett and his crew over at FBA Express to see if they could help out. Brett told me about their Simple Storage and I was all over it. I was able to save nearly $9k with their Simple Storage plan…9k!! Thank you so much for helping out and saving me all that money.” — David, CA.

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