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About FBA Express

Have you ever wanted to start you own online retail business but you didn’t have the space? Have you outgrown your current space, or are you looking to take your business to the next level? Let FBA Express get you there!

FBA Express provides a turnkey business solution to meet all of your Amazon FBA needs!

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase products from your suppliers.
  • You have your products shipped to our warehouse.
  • You provide us with your FBA shipment information.
  • We package your products and send them down to FBA.

Did you know?

Warehouse space can cost as low as $3 a Sq Ft or as high as $20 Sq Ft depending upon your location. The average size warehouse with office needed to run a good size FBA business is approximately 2000SqFt. The US average for warehouse space is approximately $5 a Sq Ft. A 2000 Sq Ft warehouse would cost you $10,000 per year; $835 a month! Your monthly rent might not even include utilities or an office, so let’s add on another $400 per month; now you’re looking at approximately $1200 per month. Let’s not forget shipping and packing materials for an additional $250 per month. Now, we are closing in on $1500 a month.

Saving you up to 50%

Are you running this business on your own, or do you need some help? Let’s say you hire a part-time employee for 20 hours a week at $10 an hour; now we are looking at an additional $10,400 per year. Now you’re close to $2500 a month; $30,000 per year and you haven’t even purchased inventory.

As Mentioned Above, You can cut your expenses by 50% per year, and free up an average of 20 hours per week!!

International Sellers

If you are an international seller currently selling or looking to start selling on then FBA Express is the solution you’ve been looking for. An international merchant who sells on can only send their unfulfillable items to a US address. Otherwise, your items will either sit in a warehouse or Amazon will disperse of these products which could cost a merchant thousands of dollars a month. FBA Express offers a service unlike any other on the market. Now, you can send your items to our Massachusetts warehouse for inspection, repackaging, relabeling and shipping back down to Amazon. This way you can make money on those unfulfillable products rather than losing money on them.

FBA Express is the ultimate service for all international FBA merchants!!

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