Prep & Store Center specializes in Amazon FBA prep.

Our service, FBA Express, offer’s Amazon sellers a wide variety of prep and bundling options to meet their FBA requirements.

FBA Express gives Amazon FBA sellers the power to grow their business while saving time and money. Merchants use our service (FBA Express) to enhance their company’s productivity, while limiting unnecessary business expenses; allowing a business to focus on purchasing, marketing, and expansion.

Monthly FBA Plan

$350 per monthFee
Labeling (per item)$0.35
Prep Standard$0.60
Prep Oversize$0.90
Extra Box: Large$3.00
Extra Box: Medium$2.25
Extra Box: Small$1.50
Package Inspection$0.65
Bubble Wrap (standard)$0.75
Bubble Wrap (oversize)$1.05

Pay As You Go Plan

$99 Bi-Annual Plan Subscription (every 6 months)Fee
Prep Service Unit (includes inspection, labeling, bundling, poly or bubbling.)$1.10
Additional Boxes$3.00
Kitting (does not including kitting box, additional fee per box or client can send kitting box directly to FBA Express.$1.10

FBA Express Pallet Service

We charge $15.00 per pallet for all of our service plans.
Please contact us for more information.

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PSC is currently not accepting OA (online arbitrage) and online book resellers.

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How FBA Prep Works

What is Product Bundling?

Amazon FBA Sellers can create bundles composed of different products to create a new bundled product. Well-designed product bundles provide convenience and value to buyers.

Product bundling groups together several products to be sold as single unit for one price. Product bundling can increase sales and profitability if done correctly. By grouping items together FBA sellers can offer their customers to buy more than one product during a single purchase, which increases your average order value. Bundling enables an FBA seller to sell more and decrease marketing and distribution costs.

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