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Our Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Plans

FBA Plan Pricing

monthly membership fee$125$250$375
Labeling (per item)$0.19$0.18$0.15
Prep Standard$0.50$0.45$0.35
Prep Oversize$0.80$0.70$0.60
Sticker Removal$0.30$0.25$0.20
Extra Box: Large$4.00$3.75$3.50
Extra Box: Medium$3.00$2.75$2.50
Extra Box: Small$2.00$1.75$1.50
Marketing Material$0.10$0.08$0.05
Package Inspection$3.00$1.50$0.75
Bubble Wrap (standard)$0.85$0.75$0.65
Bubble Wrap (oversize)$1.25$1.10$0.95

About FBA Express’ FBA Plans

FBA Express specializes in working with high volume Amazon sellers. Our monthly memberships and fixed costs make it easy for our clients to calculate their expenses on all their Amazon FBA shipments.

Amazon Fees

Apply to all plans.

Labeling (per item)$0.20
Prep Standard$0.50 - $1.00
Prep Oversize$1.00 - $2.00

Pay As You Go Plan

$99 — Bi-Annual Plan Subscription (every 6 months)


Prep Service Unit (includes inspection, labeling, bundling, poly or bubbling.)$0.85
Additional Boxes$3.25
Kitting (does not including kitting box, additional fee per box or client can send kitting box directly to FBA Express.$0.85

FBA Express Pallet Service

FBA Express charge $15.00 per pallet for all of our service plans.

Please contact us for more information.

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