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Unfulfillable Inventory in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Selling on through FBA can be very lucrative for international sellers. We also know the headaches when dealing with your unfulfillable inventory. That’s why we offer a simple, affordable solution for our international sellers.

How Unfulfillable Inventory Works

  1. Create a removal order back to our warehouse.
  2. You decide on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule to ship your returns back to your company directly or your supplier.
  3. We ship you back your unfulfillable inventory…it’s as easy as 1, 2.3!

There are no monthly commitments, you pay as you go. Our service costs are below.

  1. $0.75 USD per each item received.
  2. $5.00 USD handling fee per each order shipped.
  3. Cost of freight back to you chosen destination.
  4. We will always use the boxes provided by Amazon to ship your returns. If for any reason, we need to use one of our boxes it will be $4.00 USD per box.

Please note: we do not provide long term storage. Your returns will be shipped on your schedule ship date (excluding holidays). If for whatever reason your shipment cannot be processed on your schedule ship day, there will be a 15% daily storage charge assessed to your order. This 15% fee will compound daily and will include the charge of shipping. If your inventory is not shipped within 2 weeks of your schedule ship date, FBA Express will take sole control of your inventory and will reserve the rights to do with it as it pleases.


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